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Tan & Posing Oils

Jan Tana Competition Tan

Jan Tana Competition TAN

This lotion creates the darkest instant tan! Competition TAN'S dark bronzer gives an exaggerated deep, dark tan. Perfect for Stage use! For perfect contest color for any bodybuilding event.

6 fl, $19.99

Pro Tan Muscle Juice

Pro Tan Muscle Juice

The muscle juice is the ultimate physique presentation and total muscular definition posing oil that will leave your competition in the pump-up room.

4 oz, $5.99


Pro Tan Quick Bronze

Pro Tan Quick Bronze

This is for that dark, healthy and rich tan in only seconds, Quick Bronze guarantees you the ultimate dark red-bronze color tan for all bodybuilding competitions.

2 oz, $8.99


Pro Tan Muscle Sheen

Pro Tan Muscle Sheen

It will buff your muscular appearance with a smooth, sleek, and sheen look that will blow your competition way. Muscle sheen is used by world class bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

4 oz, $4.89


Pro Tan Instant Competition Color

Pro Tan Instant Competition Color

This is probably the most popular product used by competitive bodybuilders to get a great, dark tan! You know you can trust Pro Tan to do what you need it to do.

8 fl, $17.40

ASN Dream Tan

Dream Tan

An easy to use emollient-based tanning cream designed specifically for
use by competitive bodybuilders.

2 oz, $19.94

Jan Tana Show Tan

Jan Tana Show TAN

Tan anywhere, anytime with this dark immediate bronzer and sunless tanner in one!

6 oz, $21.95


Galderma Dy-O-Derm

Galderma Dy-O-Derm

Finally, an amazing product that breaks the rules. This is the most potent product of this type available.

4 oz, $16.59


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